Android version history

Android version history

Alpha-fetoprotein AFP is a fetal protein that is initially produced in the fetal yolk sac and liver. A small amount is produced by the gastrointestinal tract. By the end of the first trimester, nearly all of the AFP is produced by the fetal liver. The concentration of AFP peaks in fetal serum between 10 to 13 weeks. Fetal AFP diffuses across the placental barrier into the maternal circulation. A small amount also is transported from the amniotic cavity. The AFP concentration in maternal serum rises throughout pregnancy, from the nonpregnancy level of 0. Subsequently, the AFP reaches the maternal circulation; thus producing elevated serum levels.

How do we read the date code on your batteries?

The version history of the Android mobile operating system began with the public release of the Android beta on November 5, The first commercial version, Android 1. Android is continually developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance OHA , and it has seen several updates to its base operating system since the initial release. The development of Android started in by Android, Inc. The first public release of Android 1.

Alpha Phi considers itself a women’s fraternity because its founding date predates the invention of the word “sorority”. Four founders of Alpha Phi, reunited at a.

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Date, Batch and Lot Code Printing

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Need to mark a lot code with letters and numbers? How about a quick description identifying the color of the products in each case along with the pack date?

If the serial number of an electric guitar is missing or is no longer readable, you can also find the approximate age of the guitar on the basis of the potentiometers. On the potentiometer is a code that gives information about the manufacturer and the year and week when it is made. EIA code. Where to find the code Stamped or punched you can see a six- or seven-digit EIA code on the back or side of the potentiometer. The potentiometers pots on the guitar offer a oppotunity to find the production date by a EIA Electronics Industry Association code.

Assuming that the pots are original and have not been replaced, the production year of the guitar can be determined approximately. The EIA code on pots indicates the manufacturer and date when they are made. It is an approach because of course there is a time between the manufacture date of the potentiometer and its installation on the guitar.

Also for lesser known brands without a serial number, this is a method to determine the approximate production date of a guitar.

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Alpha Industries jackets can be sized in one of three fits. Core Fit is truest to original Military Spec. Sizes are roomy and tend to be larger than standard sizing. Standard Fit is true to size.

The alpha numerical coding on the sidewall of Dunlop motorcycle tires All Dunlop tires also specify the date of manufacture on the sidewall.

As of December 4, , Anchor fans can now decipher the freshness of their brew with more ease than ever. Why the change? To be frank, we take the quality and the freshness of our beers very seriously. At Anchor Brewing, we began using a date code on our bottles long before other breweries began placing codes on their beers. Up until the s, most breweries just put notches on the labels, which some breweries still do today.

Until , we utilized a clock-face that showed the bottling month as one of 12 small notches around the main label. This was done mainly for internal purposes, but former Anchor owner Fritz Maytag devised a code that was relatively easy to decipher and made sense to him at the time. Post-October , our code worked like this:. The second character was always alpha and represented the month by using the first letter of the month unless that letter has already been used:.

The third character in the code was either alpha or numeric and told the day of the month. The first 26 days were represented by the alphabet with the remaining days listed as:. Still following? While we will always have a soft spot for this classic coding system, our hope is that Anchor fans will use this transparent new system to raise the freshest Anchor possible.

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Whirlpool Serial Number Codes. The breakdown for Whirlpool Serial Numbers is: 1st Alpha Character = Manufacturing Division Code. 2nd Alpha Character.

Founded at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York on September 18, , [3] [4] it is the fourth Greek-letter organization founded for women, and the first women’s fraternity founded in the northeast. Alpha Phi is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference , the governing council of 26 women’s fraternities. At the time of the founding there were only women attending Syracuse; ten of them eventually formed of Alpha Phi to found an organization “on the principles of the promotion of growth in character; unity of feeling, sisterly affection, and social communion among the members.

Alpha Phi considers itself a women’s fraternity because its founding date predates the invention of the word “sorority”. Alpha Phi’s founding members were: [7] [8]. Like many other women’s fraternities, Alpha Phi recognizes multiple types of symbols, with the Ivy Leaf as their primary symbol. The fraternity’s official colors are bordeaux and silver. The colors were originally blue and gold; however, these colors were similar to those of the Sigma Chi fraternity so they were changed.

Alpha Phi’s public motto is “union hand in hand”. According to Alexandra Robbins , it also has a “secret” motto, “A. It can be customized in silver or gold or adorned with jewels such as diamonds, emeralds, and other precious stones. Prior to the adoption of the current badge in , “each member [of Alpha Phi] went to the jeweler of her choice to have her pin designed.

The Alpha Phi Foundation was founded in

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With a range of coding equipment options available, we can help you find the right machine for printing date codes, batch numbers and other variable data on your product or packaging. Continuous inkjet is a non-contact printing method that offers flexibility for printing on a wide range of packaging and product types. The printers can run at high speeds and ink dries almost instantly.

One of the benefits of continuous inkjet is the wide range of inks available. For most date or batch coding needs, we recommend standard black or coloured inks.

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The alpha numerical coding on the sidewall of Dunlop motorcycle tires can be confusing. It is important to understand these codes to insure you are getting a safe tire that will work on your particular motorcycle. Dunlop tire codes utilize metric measurements. Metric sizing is the most widely used and has the most information.

Simply put, the higher this number is, the taller the tire will be. In this case, the tire is 65 percent as tall as its width. If there are two letters after the aspect ratio, the first will be speed rating and the second will be tire construction. If there is only one letter or a dash – after the aspect ratio, then it indicates construction type and the speed rating will appear in the service description. The service description is a combination of the load index 81 and the speed rating H.

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